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Available for order now! This resource provides your music ministry program with complete musical settings of response psalms for the liturgical year. Each response is set for Assembly, SATB Choir with chord progressions avialable.


• Singable refrains for your assembly

• Beautiful harmonies for your choir

• Verbatum texts true to the Lectionary for Mass

• Complete index for quick reference

Take advantage of the practice tracks (sold separately). This digital collection of recordings will give your musicians over 40 MP3 files to use for at-home streamlined rehearsing and quick reference.

All psalms are available on for print/livestream reporting. Convenient worship aid picture files are also available through OneLicense.

A Joyful Psalm - 3 copies

A Joyful Psalm - 5 copies

A Joyful Psalm - 10 copies

A Joyful Psalm - 15 copies

A Joyful Psalm - 20 copies

A Joyful Psalm - 25 copies

A Joyful Psalm - 30 copies

             40+ MP3 Practice Tracks

Why the quantities? As a self-publisher, it is economical to provide larger quantities to your music ministry program. Consider purchasing copies for all of your cantors, accompanists, and choir members. Thank you for supporting new sacred music!